Bluejays 'Home Run Anthem' is Taking Canada by Storm

The MLB has two non-U.S. teams, and this year, one of them is headed to the World Series. To commemorate an exceptional season for the Bluejays, artists B. Rich and Steve Corn created the "Homerun Anthem," a musical tribute to Toronto's beloved baseball team. It's become a big hit up north, and Rich and Corn came on RightThisMinute to discuss their love for music, baseball and Canada. View Now

'Car Crashes They're Awful." -Nick Calderone

Check out this scary crash in car camera video. The driver Nate Brown had a nasty roll over accident at the 2015 McCook Nebraska Clean Up Demolition Derby. You can see that the driver is already wearing a neck brace in the footage.  View Now

Sorority Girls Taking Selfies Put on Blast at Arizona Diamondbacks Game

Hey, let's all go to a baseball game and, like, take tons of selfies because you know you don't always get it just right on the first try. We have to get one with the pout, the pucker, the peace sign. Oh, there's actually guys in uniforms down there swinging a bat and trying to hit a ball. How fun! This candid and cringe-worthy display of the current state of teendom is brought to you by the Arizona DiamondbacksView Now

Mashable Tests Out the New iPhone's 4k Camera

Another year, another iPhone. Except this year's model decided to jump on the 4k video craze, and added some major specs to its front-facing camera. Mashable producer and BMXer made this short, "The BMX Businessman" entirely with footage shot from the iPhone 6S Plus. Five years ago, this type of footage would have blown people away, but now, it's just another Wednesday on the good 'ol Internet. View Now

Crashes Come In All Shapes and Sizes

First up, check out this ATV that caught some air right before crashing smack into some trees in a forest. Then, you've got to see this poor little boy take a tumble out of a little red wagon. The wagon was being pulled by a boy riding a bike. View Now

Boat Capsized in India

You've got to see this moment when a boat got capsized by a wave off the coast of India. The boat was full of passengers and you can see it get filled with water and flipped over. Then a group of people from the beach run to rescue all of the passengers who were cast overboard. View Now

Drift Buggy Tears Up The Pavement

James Carroll spent three years building this drift buggy. He used a motorcycle engine to construct this vehicle. You've just got to see this thing because it is fast and agile. View Now

Man VS Porsche

Check out these dudes racing a Porsche 911 Turbo S. Needless to say these racers didn't beat the Porsche but it was a valiant effort.  View Now

Fearless Mountain Biker Rides Across Slackline High Above the Ground

If you thought people walking on slacklines across canyons was scary, wait until you see this! The fearless professional mountain bike-trial rider, Kenny Belaey, crossed a 60-foot slackline strung between two peaks in French Alps 370 feet above the ground, all while riding his bike. Yeah... Our palm sweat is all over the keyboard.   View Now