These Two Men Are Walking Every Block of New York City

The New Yorker put together a beautiful mini-documentary about the story of two men who both intend to walk all 6,000 miles of New York City. William Helmreich has been walking the city for years, and says he's learned more about the city by walking it than he could any other way.  View Now

An English Mastiff struggles to get down the stairs

DERRY, NH -- Diesel, an English Mastiff, was slowly making his way down the stairs. His owner, Christy Rivera, was giving him some words of encouragement.  Diesel made it all the way down to the final step, but instead of completing his journey to the first floor, he stopped and went right back upstairs. View Now

Suspected Drunk Drivers Crash, Captured by Cops

Check out this crash scene that happened in Torrance, California. This elderly male driver crashed into two vehicles that were parked at a DUI checkpoint, sending one into oncoming traffic. One person was injured and taken in an ambulance to the hospital. The driver was given a field sobriety test but not arrested for a DUI. Then watch this footage from Lithuania of a high-speed police chase of a suspected drunk driver. View Now

Doe, a Deer, a Rescued Deer

A group of boaters came across a baby doe in the water, and decided to rescue it. Although deer can swim, the rescuers were afraid it might be too young to make it to shore, so they lent a helping hand. View Now

Give Back Films Provide Care Package For Homeless Campers

Give Back Media met two homeless men and were invited to visit their living quarters. They had created a campsite just out of town where they kept their belongings, because according to them, if they were to stay in town they would be constantly asked to move by police. The guys at Give Back Films presented their new friends with a care package, complete with groceries, hammocks, and camping supplies. View Now

A ride on the dunes ends with people getting mouthfuls of sand

PISMO BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- Brian Beardshear lost control of a razor at the dunes in California, causing the vehicle to crash and the other three people inside to get a face full of sand. Luckily nobody was hurt in the crash, but the dune buggy didn’t fare as well with a bent radiator, bent roll cage and busted lights. View Now

Beth Troutman on Family, Love, and Life after RightThisMinute

All good things must come to an end, and today marks the last day with Beth Troutman as lead host for RightThisMinute. Beth's mother is currently battling cancer, and as a loyal member of her family, Beth and her supportive husband decided to move back to North Carolina to be with Beth's mother in her time of need. View Now

Virgin Mary Painting Appears to be Moving Lips During Mass

People have seen Jesus on toast, Mother Theresa in a cinnamon bun, and now a painting of the Virgin Mary is believed to be moving her lips during Mass. But Father Joseph Sleiman from the church isn't so quick to call miracle, instead writing it off as more a personal experience.      What do you think? Does Mary have something to say, or is this just another case of pesky pixels? View Now

It’s time to chill out this summer and check out an amazing ski BASE jump

OREGON -- Professional skier Matthias Giraud took some careful measurements after getting to the edge of a cliff in Oregon to make sure he could complete a BASE jump safely. Giraud started to ski down the mountain before jumping off the edge, just 350 feet in the air. He quickly pulled his parachute and floated to the snow below. View Now

A man attempts a daring rescue using an aerial drone

Harrisen Howes claims his roommate lost one of his drones on a neighbor’s roof two months ago. Instead of using a ladder to retrieve it, he decided to rescue his drone with another, larger version. Harrisen used coat hanger hooks attached to the drone to pick it up and fly it home. View Now